SounEmot - Si Tan Solo Supieras (intro mix) [Beyond The Stars]
Arsen Gold - This Never Ending Story [Vibrate Audio]
Dalmoori & Ryota Arai - Connected [Beyond The Stars]
Ramin Arab - Revolution [TAR#138]
Story Teller - Gemma [Edge One]
AirLab7 & EAM - Autumn Leaves [Infrasonic Pure]
Aldo Henrycho & Gabrielle AG - Hope [Defcon]
Dan Schneider - After The Twilight Ends (Syntouch remix) [Butterfly]
New World - Outreach (Kiyoi & Eky remix) [Defcon]
Kiyoi & Eky - Sakura [State Control]
Solis & Sean Truby - Until The Day [Infrasonic]
LUCIEN - Top Gun [Redux]
Dark Matter featuring Josfine Sandfeld - It's You (Para X remix) [Masana]
S5 - Crossroads (Miroslav Vrlik remix) [Metamorph]
Jameson Tullar - Black And White (Tycoos remix) [Yeiksomp Leisurely]
Xian - Roller Girl [Tranceform]
TEKNO & DJ T.H featuring Hanna Finsen - Danger Zone (Tom Exo remix) [Suanda Voice]
Nico Cranxx - Arms Of Heaven [State Control]
Costa Pantazis - Reverie (Paul Courbet remix) [Synderion]
The Noble Six - Beyond The Horizon (Mickey Marr remix) [Nu:Chain]
Metta & Glyde - Lacuna [Regenerate]
Ellez Ria - Biometric [Lethal Shots]
Second Reason - Make A Wish [Redux 138]
Unbeat & Dan Audley - Ultimatum [Butterfly]
Black XS - Message From The World [Vibrate Black]
Impulse Wave - Uncontrollable Force [Lethal Shots]
NG Rezonance - Prometheus (Costa Pantazis remix) [Synderion]
New World - One (Paul Denton Tech-Lifting Remix) [Defcon Recordings]

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