OceanLab - Satellite (Magdelayna's Chilled Crescendo mix)
Sajjad Zakaria - Intension (Firdavs Isoev remix) [Sub.Mission]
Armos - Dark Soul [Suanda True]
DreamLife - Sky Reflection [Pulsar]
4 Seas - Give Us The Light [State Control]
Tommy Kierland - Chaconne [Beyond The Stars]
tranzLift - Magical Journey (Alternate High remix) [Beyond The Stars]
Kev Wild - Sunshine In Sierra (Red Run mix) [Defcon]
Devon Colombage - San Junipero [Suanda True]
Gary Leroy - Xanac (Cyril Ryaz remix) [TFB]
Delta IV - Signs (George Crossfield remix) [Delaforce]
Fredd Moz & Oliver Cattley - The Summit (AirLab7 remix) [Tranceform]
TribalTemptation - Back Till Eternity [Neurals]
Alexis Mixail - Indignatione Mea (Lightning vs Wavveband uprmx) [Sensual Bliss]
Andrew Henry featuring Angel Falls - No Need To Hide (Aldo Henrycho remix) [Vibrate Audio]
Kiyoi & Eky - Moon River [Redux]
Tom Forde - Heart And Soul [Defcon]
Amine Maxwell - Majestic [Sub.Mission]
R3dub - Summon Cloud [State Control]
Riialto & F.G. Noise - Edgy [Redux]
Luca Gazzola - Get Over Here [Operator]
Sunset & Steve Dekay - Turbulence [Suanda Dark]
Alphadelta - All Your Words (EverLight remix) [Defcon]
Adam Szydlik - Nevore [TAR#138]
Aley & Oshay featuring Gen L - Come Alive (Ellez Ria refeel) [State Control]
NG Rezonance & Matt Draper - Tranquillity [Syncopy]

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