10// Anton Chernikov - Arctic Adventure (Timewave Remix)
09// Lostly - When I Close My Eyes (Original Mix)
08// Avail - Dominion (Truenorth Remix)
07// John Askew - Bored Of You, Bored Of Me (Johan Ekman Heard You Like 303 Remix)
06// Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Novaline Remix)
05// Squarz Kamel & Sunset - Elevation (Michele Cecchi Remix)
04// Peetu S - Lost In A Better World (Original Mix)
03// Johan Ekman - Open your Eyes
02// Johan Ekman - Rollability
01// Night Sky - Endorphine (Afternova Remix)

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Yes, Very Cool Top 10 ! Amazing blend of Uplifting Belters & Quality Tech-Trance ! My Favz are Dominion, As The Rush Comes (Gr8 rmx courtesy of Novaline aka Mauguzun), Elevation (also hammered by Manny & Jerom), Open Your Eyes & Endorphine !


Ahhhhhh excellent top 10 here Johan!

Great to hear a new remix of ATRC. Those lyrics are perfect to hear every couple of years in a new format 🙂

Daniel Kandi got it right last time… now it is Novaline 🙂