01 Blufeld - Nyctophilia (Slam Duck Remix)
02 Jerom - No Way Back (Derek Palmer Remix)
03 Jerom - No Way Back (Original Mix)
04 Courage - Impedance (Settler Remix)
05 Jerom - No Way Back (Phil Dinner Remix)
06 Thomas Nikki - In The Clouds (Original Mix)
07 Highforcer - Ultimate (Courage & Evenfall Remix)
08 Marcprest - Across The Universe (Extended Mix)
09 Xclusive - Evergreen (Marco Mc Neil Remix)
10 Marco Mc Neil - Powerslam (Original Mix)

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Blufeld – Nyctophilia (Slam Duck Remix)
nice oldschool version!!!

Jerom – No Way Back (Original Mix)
this is the sound i like! really catching!!! sorry for the other but this is the best version
good fly away version from Phil Dinner

Courage – Impedance (Settler Remix)
solid tune!

Marcprest – Across The Universe (Extended Mix)
Fantastic! awesome uplift tune!!!


Thanks very much matey, also on the feedback on my new track! 🙂