01 Alhena - Vega (Blufeld Remix)
02 Gordey Tsukanov - Not With The Times (Extended Mix)
03 Michael Rehulka - New Horizons (Original Mix)
04 Gregory Esayan - Drawing The Life (Original Mix)
05 Jackob Roenald presents Renald - These Days (Extended Mix)
06 The Husky - Loba (Tom Bro Remix)
07 Sergey Shvets - You're Need (Extended Mix)
08 Alex Byrka - Shoreline (Original Mix)
09 Michael Rehulka - Pain In Your Heart (Original Mix)
10 Ion Luca - Every Day Is A Chance (Original Mix)
11 Sergey Shvets & Lydia Delay - My Way (Original Mix)

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