01 Taglo - Late Nights (Original Mix)
02 Pavel Khvaleev - Rainbow (Extended Mix)
03 Varun & Inge Lemon - Velour (Original Mix)
04 Lesh featuring Mona Moua - Who Will You Be (Mark & Lukas Remix)
05 Jay Hubbard - Blossom (Original Mix)
06 Sunset Moments - Every Waking Minute (Morrison Kiers Remix)
07 Flashtech - Hope For A Better Future (Proglifting Mix)
08 Evgeny Lebedev - Walk The Line (Original Mix)
09 Aurosonic & Katty Heath - My Good Place (Progressive Mix)
10 Michael Rehulka - Glow Of The Past (Original Mix)
11 Artyom Kopylov vs. Soteira featuring Anna Miracles - Rising Of Our Sun (Nytigen Remix)

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