01 Owl Stone - Breath On Water (Original Mix)
02 Victoriya - Nothing Remains (Original Mix)
03 Sledger - Immersion (Alan Cuevas Remix)
04 Blissful Waves - So Far (Fiben Remix)
05 Platunoff - Breathe (Sovve Remix)
06 Voiceless - Wings (Original Mix)
07 Ryo Nakamura - Luminescent (Rick Siron Remix)
08 Jekko - After That Day (Original Mix)
09 Toshuk - Amentia (Original Mix)
10 Jan Atthis - Back To Square One (Original Mix)

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4 thoughts on “Jerom – Sunrise Vision 043

  1. Thank you Jerom,I am very appreciate that you create an amzing set!I love you.Forever support you,and I have already built a Radio on Netease cloud music to record every set you make.Come on ,let we Chinese dancing with you!

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