01. Keenan vs. Anderson - Futurestep (Gift Ambient Remix) [Lost Language]
02. Bjorn Fogelberg - Mind your matter (Original Mix) [Xakk Records]
03. Following Light - Enthuse (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Abstract Space Records]
04. You Are My Salvation - Vagabond (Original Mix) [Old SQL Recordings]
05. Andromedha - From Sunrise To Sunset (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Darkload Deep]
06. Nathan Profitt - Eclipse (Original Mix) [Prophetic Recordings]
07. Jay Lumen - Circulation (Original Mix) [Lost Language]
08. Antidote - Come Alive (Ljungqvist Remix) [Progrez]
09. Hibernate - Home (ADS meets Natlife Going To Paradise Mix) [System Recordings]
10. Re:Locate - Passion (Original Mix) [Galactive]
11. Hammer & Bennett - The Beauty And The Beast (Original Mix) [Coldharbour Recordings]
12. Gyala - Silver Rain (Hawk Remix) [Real Deep Records]

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