Insidious (Mindfold Remix) - Symbolic
Optical Illusion - Faders & Vertical Mode
True Level - Materia & Mirok
Aftershock (Original Mix) - Relativ
Acid Farm (Edit 2017) - Vertical Mode
Witchcraft (Makida Remix) - Zyce, Sub6
Pistolero (Astrix Remix) - Juno Reactor
Real Deal (Burn In Noise Remix) - Outsiders & Avalon
Human Life - Cosmic Tone
The Gene - Ibojima
Super Duper (Original Mix) - Avalon
Evolution 2 Revolution (Mystery Sense Remix) - Spade & Bizzare Tribe
Spiritual Science - Out of Range
Radiation - Attik (Mexico)
One Good (Stryker Remix) - Alien Project
Brain Forest (Original Mix) - Raja Ram, Electric Universe

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