01. Mart Sine - Afterworld (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
02. Manuel Rocca - Against The World (Braulio Stefield Remix) [Levitated Music]
03. Alessandra Roncone - Forza (Original Mix) [Extrema Global Music]
04. Sean Mathews - What Lies Ahead (Original Mix) [Infrared]
05. Mike Sanders - Boomerang (Original Mix) [Grotesque]
06. Dark Fusion - Unknown Entity (Original Mix) [Universal Nation]
07. Tau-Rine - Starlight (Original Mix) [Extrema Global Music]
08. Ciaran McAuley - The Pursuit Of Happiness (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]
09. James Dymond - It Ain’t Over (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]
10. Matt Eray - Living The Dream (Extended Mix) [Monster Pure]
11. Diffract - Deep Serenity (SettleR Remix) [Defcon Recordings]

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