01. Push - Universal Nation (Gai Barone Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
02. Monoverse - Chasing Lights (Extended Mix) [FSO Excelsior]
03. Gary Maguire - Sunyata (Stereo Wildlife Remix) [Discover Records]
04. Rowan Van Beckhoven - Amnesia(Original Mix) [Levitated Music]
05. Nolans Stenenberg - Fireflies (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
06. Reorder - Spirit Of Ecstasy (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
07. Madwave Vs Space Raven - What We Used To Be (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
08. Dachs - Flower Master (Original Mix) [Levitated Music]
09. Ciaran McAuley - Tears (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Records]
10. MK & TW - Tokyo Afterhour (Cederquist Remix) [Supercell Recordings]
11. Sergey Lagutin - Frosty Morning (Original Mix) [Levitated Music]
12. Andrea Ribeca - Amoroso (Original Mix) [Blue Soho Recordings]
13. Ahmed Romel - Dust & Echoes (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]
14. Hadrianicus - Echoes From The Future (Original Mix) [Decon Recordings]
15. NYX - Zodiac (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
16. Settler - Next Chapter (Original Mix) [Supercell Recordings]
17. Omniks - Looking For You (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Recordings]
18. Sam Jones - Good Love (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
19. Liam Wilson - Mind Expander (Original Mix) [Blue Soho Recordings]
20. Dutch Force - Deadline (Allan Morrow Remix) [CDR]
21. Sam Jones & Will Rees - Full Stop (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
22. Paul Webster - Corruption (Original Mix) [Armada Captivating]
23. Bryan Kearney - Stealth Bomber (Sam Jones & Will Rees Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]
24. Manuel Le Saux - Santa Monica (Darren Porter Remix) [Discover Records]
25. Aly & Fila - Beyond The Lights (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]

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