10. Kruger & Coyle - The Witness [ACDC]
09. Inkfish Vs. David West - Aftermath (Original Mix) [iM Electronic]
08. Hidden Logic - Time (Envio Remix) [ASOT]
07. Julius Keijzer - Dreamsweeper (The Heater Pimp Mix [Terratrax Records]
06. Kenny Hayes - Daybreaker (Signum Instrumental Remix) [Turbulence]
05. Serenade - Aura [Ligaya Recordings]
04. Appolonia - Andromeda Hights (Original Mix) [Armada Music]
03. Factoria - A Legend’s Legacy (Octagen Remix) [Elevation Records]
02. Moonrush - Risky Business (Arc In The Sky Remix) [Fenology Records]
01. DJ Tatana - Always On My Mind (Ronski Speed Dub) [Sirup Records]

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