10. Timeok - Seven Floating Ways (Octagen Remix)
09. Arc In The Sky - Vainquer (7AM In Heaven’s Gate Mix) [Discover Records]
08. Push - Blue Midnight (Original Mix) [Banshee Worx]
07. Sensorica - Few Days Away (Original Mix)
06. Airbase - Maya Bay (Original Mix) [DistroKid]
05. Nickelson - Yin (Solid Globe Remix)
04. Envio - Love Poison
03. Jan Gustafsson - Eternal Light (Original Mix) [Galactive]
02. MK-S - Illuminate (Original Mix)
01. Mindsensation - Daydreamer

Bonus : Jan Gustafsson - Hallucination (Original Mix) [Galactive]

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Timeok – Seven Floating Ways (Octagen Remix)
it’s always beautiful to hear the old Trancy sound…….back to 2004 with this…..!!!

Arc In The Sky – Vainquer (7AM In Heaven’s Gate Mix) 
ehhh what an original soundstyle…..

Airbase – Maya Bay
wonderful trip!!!!!!

Nickelson – Yin (Solid Globe Remix)
really epic!!!

Envio – Love Poison
sound from another world!!!!!!!

MK-S – Illuminate
i know the Mind One remix but i think to never heard before the original …..what a perfect soundstyle & melody….to listen ON LOOP……

thank you so much DJ N!ki for this fly into the past


Sensorica – Few Days Away
discovering this good melody!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Great tunes once again N!ki, wow