10. Aziz Aouane - Creatures (Original Mix) [Silver Waves Recordings]
09. Manuel Rocca - Suddenly (Original Mix) [Levitated Music]
08. Nolans Stenemberg - Effervescence (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Recordings]
07. Sean Mathews - Together (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]
06. Andres Cuartas & Julius Beat - Messiah (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Recordings]
05. Ram Ft. Cari - Soulfood (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]
04. Para X - Rising Star (Uplifting Remix) [Discover Records]
03. Michael Kaelios - Solar (Original Mix) [Supercell Recordings]
02. Sean Tyas Ft. Darren Porter - The Potion (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]
01. A&Z - Faith (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]


Jon Mangan - Convalo (Original Mix) [Defon Recordings]

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2 thoughts on “DJ N!ki – Crystal Clouds Top Tens 282

  1. Aziz Aouane – Creatures (Original Mix)
    this is a Fantastic start…..a piece of relaxing melodic Trance tune, perfect…

    and perfect second track with Manuel Rocca – Suddenly (Original Mix)
    it’s a YUUUUUUUUUMMMMY TUNE for an exclusive beautiful fly away….

    Nolans Stenemberg – Effervescence (Original Mix)
    Sean Mathews – Together (Extended Mix)
    Andres Cuartas & Julius Beat – Messiah (Original Mix)

    good sequence of bangin melodic tunes!

    Para X – Rising Star (Uplifting Remix)
    his sound is really particular!! good tune!!

    A&Z – Faith (Extended Mix
    Wonderful 🙂 🙂 🙂

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