01. Schossow & Sagstad - Crepuscolo (Thomas Sagstad Mix) [Oxgen]
02. Marcella - Stabbing Sally (Roam L Mix) [White]
03. Joey V - Chopperchunk (Mark Sherry's 2007 Outburst Mix) [Detox]
04. Nhato - Genetech Bass (Vox Overdub Edit) [Evola]
05. Joey V - Grizzly Grit (Original Mix) [Detox]
06. Jonas Steur - Level Up (Marcus Schossow Remix) [Black Hole]
07. Nhato - Rouge for Lips [White]
08. Ernesto vs Bastian - Thrill (John O'Callaghan Remix) [High Contrast]
09. Mike Foyle pres. Bolt - Pleasure to Your Ears (Original Mix) [FlutterSpark]
10. Daisuke Matsushima - Turn Around (2008 Rework) [Landscape Promo]

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