01. Up & Forward feat. Eugene Sender - Believe In Yourself (Exolight Dub Mix) [Levitated Music]
02. Kometillo - Ice Crystals (Extended Mix) [Butterfly Music]
03. Robbie Seed feat. That Girl - Behind That Pretty Smile (Extended Mix) [VANDIT Next Generation]
04. Atlantis - Fiji (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
05. A.R.D.I. - Beyond Love (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
06. Ferry Tayle with XiJaro & Pitch - Lost In Memories (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
07. Eric Senn & TH3 ONE - Gladius (Extended Mix) [inHarmony Music]
08. Christopher Corrigan feat. Angel Falls - All I Have (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings]
09. Andrew Manning - Somnium (Original Mix) [Trancegression Recordings]
10. Misja Helsloot - Different Cookie (Original Mix) [Edge One]
11. Cosmic Heaven - Multiverse (Extended Mix) [Suanda True]
12. Activa - Tidal (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
13. Lost In Noise - The Cube (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Animals Fusion]

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