01. Exolight & Suncatcher - Summer Escape (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings]
02. Bogdan Vix & Lucid Blue - I Am Now (Mhammed El Alami Remix) [Suanda Music]
03. Eric Senn - Leaving Earth (Extended Mix) [Suanda True]
04. INDI & Atragun - Submit (To The Music) [SMR2017 Anthem] (Miroslav Vrlik Remix) [Submission Recordings]
05. Marco Mc Neil - Andromeda (AirLab7 vs George Crossfield Remix) [Delaforce Recordings]
06. Etasonic - Farewell Forever (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]
07. Syntouch - Summer Rain (Original Mix) [Maraphobia]
08. Alan Morris - Born (Amir Hussain Remix) [Monster Pure]
09. Paul Surety - Essence Of Hope (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Sundance Recordings]
10. Carlos Martz - Yeah Sure (Fresh Code Remix) [Sundance Recordings]
11. TrancEye - Black Mirror (Extended Mix) [Universal Nation]

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06. Etasonic – Farewell Forever (Original Mix) – this is awesome track!!!