01. Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Denial (Original Mix) [Songbird]
02. DJ Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Don't Wake Me Up (San Antonio Harbour Mix/Angel Ace Edit) [Armada]
03. DJ Subnautic - Serotonine (Original Mix) [CDR]
04. Ferry Tayle feat. Stephan R - Duo (Original Mix) [Bonzai]
05. Stefan Cambridge - All I Wanted (Sunny Lax Remix) [Perceptive]
06. Tenthu - Purple Sands (Original Mix) [Moonrising]
07. Roald Velden - Nothing Left (Original Mix) [Bluplanet]
08. Olmiq - Semtex (Original Mix) [Camouflage]
09. Serenade - Lyra (Original Mix) [CDR]
10. Adyjay feat. Tiff Lacey - Part of U (Jay B Remix) [Emotive Vibes]
11. Invisible Sounds - Distance (Cylum & Velden Remix) [Abora]
12. Ashley Nutton - Slipstream (Original Mix) [Realbeatz]
13. Digital Nature - Landmarks (Activa Mix) [Flux Delux]
14. UCast - Stream (Original Mix) [Only One]
15. Artimes - Primogeniture (Reconceal Remix) [Only One]
16. Abstract Vision - Crystal Source (Original Mix) [CDR]
17. Akesson - Perfect Blue (Original Mix) [A State of Trance/Offshore Music]
18. Inertia - The System (Sean Tyas & Tom Colontonio Remix) [Discover]
19. Aly & Fila - Dynasty (Original Mix) [Armada/Offshore Music]
20. Paul Miller - Just One Day (Original Mix) [Discover Digital]

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Eneli P

Wow, the whole set sounds just perfect, amazing selection of tracks!
Adyjay feat. Tiff Lacey – Part of U (Jay B Remix) <3