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so fun to see roger shah get his turn at the future sound of egypt show. Ive always heard good things about him, but never before had a chance to listen.

This mix sounds fantastic and i can see why Aly and Fila gave him this weeks episode! so awesome. thank you for hosting the download!

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Tracklist: 01. [0:00:50] Sunlounger – Sunsets & Bonfires (Intro Club Mix) [FSOE] 02. [0:05:50] Sunlounger feat. Susie Ledge – Sail Away [FSOE CHILL] 03. [0:10:20] Sunlounger – Halong Bay (Sunlounger Club Mix) [FSOE] 04. [0:15:10] Sunlounger feat. Susie Ledge – All I’m Waiting For (Sunlounger Club Mix) [FSOE] 05. [0:17:10] Sunlounger feat. Jentayu – Sayang (Sunlounger Club Mix) [FSOE] 06. [0:21:45] Sunlounger feat. Inger Hansen – The Day I Tried You (Sunlounger Club Mix) [FSOE] 07. [0:24:55] Sunlounger feat. Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen – Run (Sunlounger Club Mix) [FSOE] 08. [0:30:30] Sunlounger – Sunflower Fields (Sunlounger Club Mix) [FSOE]… Read more »