01. Noel Sanger & 2 Tall Keith feat. Giselle Yvonne - Waiting (Seth Vogt Remix) [Dissident Music]
02. Seth Schwarz & CIOZ - Nothing Happens By Chance (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]
03. Guy Mantzur & Lonya feat. Adam Gorlizki - Dynasty (Original Mix) [Selador]
04. Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada - Serengeti (Original Mix) [The Soundgarden]
05. Mehdi Belkadi pres. Umei - Pride (Extended Mix) [FSOE Parallels]
06. Cristoph feat. Artche - Voice Of Silence (Original Mix) [Pryda]
07. Kastis Torrau - Clock (Original Mix) [Click Records]
08. Andre Sobota - Unmute (Trilucid & Phil Martyn Remix) [Particles]
09. Cristoph - Vanquish (Original Mix) [Pryda]
10. Phil de Burn - End Credits (Chris Cargo Remix) [Beat Boutique]
11. Stan Kolev - Oblivion (Dimuth K Remix) [Freegrant]
12. Jeef B - Life Changes (Extended Mix) [FSOE Parallels]
13. Kolonie - Celestial Highway (Original Mix) [UltraViolet]
14. Lowland - The Other Side (Sied van Riel Dub) [Rielism]
15. Alex Di Stefano - The Sin (Original Mix) [Skullduggery]
16. Menno De Jong - Ananda (Sean Tyas Remix) [In Trance We Trust]
17. Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up (Billy Gillies Rework) [CDR]
18. A.R.D.I. & Neev Kennedy - Crush The Unseen (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
19. Ronski Speed & Ciaran McAuley - Corellia (Original Mix) [Maracaido Records]
20. Woody van Eyden & James Cottle - Caliber-12 (Original Mix) [VANDIT Records]
21. Roger Shah & RAM feat. Natalie Gioia - For The One You Love (Extended Mix) [FSOE] [WONDER OF THE WEEK]
22. Tasso - Don't Believe (Extended Mix) [FSOE Clandestine]
23. Vini Vici - Where The Heart Is (Original Mix) [CDR]
24. Zack Mia - Thanos (Extended Mix) [Digital Society]
25. Daniel Kandi - Get Off (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
26. Paul Miller - Aurea (Original Mix) [Delaforce Recordings]
27. Alan Morris - Reminds Me Of You (Extended Mix) [FSOE] [FUTURE SOUND]

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