01.Chicola - Yoav (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
02.Shunus - Staring at the Moon (Original mix) [Besworx]
03.Maydan - Dune (Original Mix) [Asymmetric Recordings]
04.Hot Tuneik - Erase & Rewind (Imran Khan Remix) [Particles]
05.Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv - Triton (Stan Kolev Remix) [Eleatics Records]
06.Paul Thomas - Alpha Papa (Extended Mix) [FSOE UV]
07.Three Drives - Barracuda (Original Mix) [Pure Progressive]
08.Antidote - What Time Is Love (Stan Kolev Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
09.Frank Sonic & L-EX - Sunrise (Weekend Heroes Remix) [Beat Boutique]
10.Orkidea - Finnish Kiss (Original Mix) [Digital Emotions]
11.Stoneface & Terminal - So What (Extended Mix) [FSOE Clandestine]
12.ReOrder & RAM - Opus Dei (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
13.Factor B - Liberator (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
14.Manuel Le Saux - Everyeye (Original Mix) [Extrema]
15.FUTURE SOUND: Tarvali - One Breath (Derek Palmer Remix) [Vibrate Audio]
16.Omar Sherif & Adam Deane - Sabotage (Original Mix) [FSOE]
17.Arctic Moon & Purple Stories - Shadow Particles (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
18.Erika K - Oakridge (Original Mix) [Tangled Audio]
19.WONDER OF THE WEEK: Dan Stone & Victoriya - I Can't Tell (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
20.TrancEye - Lonesome Feelings (Original Mix) [Redux]
21.Akamana - Amane (Original Mix) [Mysterious Station]
22.Etasonic - When You're Gone (Club Mix) [Abora]
23.James Cottle & Richard Lowe - Airborn (Extended Mix) [Vandit]
24.Suncatcher & Exolight - Dreamer (Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
25.A & Z With Leolani - Yesterday (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

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Omar Sherif & Adam Deane – Sabotage => <3