01.Aneesh Gera - Starchaser (Original Mix) [Avanti]
02.Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Wilde (Extended Mix) [Jee Productions]
03.Sunlight Project - Deep Valley ( Original Mix ) [Sunlight Tunes]
04.Jettan - Sunset (Sicarios Remix) [Emergent Shores]
05.Mohamed Ragab & TheRio - Lightworker (Extended Mix) [FSOE Excelsior]
06.Megamind - Taub (Mark Sherry Remix) [Outburst Records]
07.Firestorm - Future State (Original Mix) [TitanAudio]
08.WONDER OF THE WEEK: DT8 Project - Destination (James Dymond Remix) [ASOT]
09.Exouler - Embrace (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
10.Sou Kanai - Sunbeam (Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
11.The Thrillseekers - For All That You Are (Extended Club Mix) [FSOE]
12.Tempo Giusto - Burn (Original Mix) [FSOE Clandestine]
13.Tiddey - Fable Sun (Original Mix) [Tranceffect Records]
14.FUTURE SOUND: Yoji Biomehanika - A Theme From Banginglobe (TrancEye Rework) [CDR]

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Firestorm – Future State (Original Mix)
Finally good sound after a long boring start!!!

Exouler – Embrace (Original Mix)
great! a really fantastic melodic tune!