1. Joy Hauser - Lysergic Acid (Original Mix) [Termanl M]
2. Tomas Sinn - Disturb (Original Mix) [Say What?]
3. Timmo - Mind's Eye (Original Mix) [Hypnostate]
4. Crossbow - Doppler Effect (Original Mix) [IAMT]
5. Maddix - Different State (Extended Mix) [Revealed Recordings]
6. Grooveandyes - Strange Harmony (Original Mix) [Infekted Records]
7. Billy Gillies - Density (Extended Mix) [Afterdark]
8. Broken Robot - Alter Ego (Original Mix) [Orange Recordings]
9. Indecent Noise - Call of The Void (Extended Mix) [Mental Asylum]
10. Stira - Resistance (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) [Finder Records]
11. I-K-O - Forbidden Industry (Original Mix) [DSR Digital]
12. MIJkE - Armor (Original Mix) [Renesanz]
13. Lowerzone - Warehouse Dance (Original Mix) [BEK Audio]
14. Dj Jordan, Shadym - Rave Hard (Original Mix) [Infamia Records]
15. Non Reversible - Mental Absorbing (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
16. Carl Shorts - Let's R@ve (Original Mix) [Resilent Recordings]

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