1.The Noble Six - The Oracle (Intro Edit)
2.Dan Stone - Novo (Original Mix)
3.Kyau & Albert - So True (Dan Stone Mix)
4.Magnus & Dominant Space - Mirage (Original Mix)
5.Aly & Fila - Finally (Original Mix)
6.Arielle Andrist - Ferne (Original Mix)
7.Amos & Riot Night - Serious Business (Original Mix)
8.Allen Watts - Limitless (Steve Dekay Mix)
9.Claus Backslash - Absolute Delusion (Original Mix)
10.Guiseppe Ottaviani & Sean Tyas - Plan R (Arielle Andrist Bootleg)
11.Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Galactive (Original Mix)
12.Exouler - Mirror Of Soul (Original Mix)
13.Christopher Corrigan - Indifference (Original Mix)
14.Nicklauss - Join Me (Original Mix)
15.Frank Dueffel & Rafael Osmo - Kineti (Original Mix)
16.Paul van Dyk & Kinetica - First Contact (Original Mix)
17.Sean tyas vs James Kitcher & Adam Taylor - Mantra (Original Mix)
18.Will Atkinson - Telescope (Original Mix)

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