01.Intro / [CDR]
02.SMR LVE & Christina Novelli - Sanctuary (Extended mix) / [Always Alive]
03.Armin Van Buuren - Phone down (Jorn Van Deynhoven remix) / [Armind]
04.A.R.D.I. - Beyond love (Extended mix) / [AVA]
05.Fast Distance & DIM3NSION Feat Cami - Promise you (Maria Healy extended remix) / [Always Alive]
06.AYDA - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Extended mix) / [Suanda]
07.The Doppler Effect & Carol Lee - Beauty hides in the deep (Skylex extended mix) / [Amsterdam]
08.Jericho Frequency & Amelie Mae - Hide in plain sight (Extended mix) / [Amsterdam]
09.Sneijder & Karen Kelly - Be with you (Craig Connelly extended remix) / [Afterdark]
10.Ferry Tayle with Xijaro & Pitch - Lost in memories (Extended mix) / [FSOE]
11.Sheridan Grout Ft. Blu Eyes - Freefall (Extended mix) / [Garuda]
12.James Dymond & Alex Morph - Horizon (Extended mix) / [FSOE]
13.Darude & Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Foux - Surrender (Alex Sonata & TheRio extended remix) / [Garuda]
14.OTIOT - Zurna Africa (Extended mix) / [Armind]
15.Fahjah Feat. Emma Chatt - Far from home (Moonsouls extended remix) / [AVA]
16.Bixx - Escape to euphoria (Original mix) / [Abora]

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