01.Intro / [CDR]
02.Ferry Corsten Feat. Eric Lumiere - Your face / [Flashover]
03.Costa & Caitlin Stubbs - Believe beyond the night (Original mix) / [Essentializm]
04.Make One - Spacelink (Extended mix) / [IWON]
05.Rene Ablaze Ft. Aylin - Break away (Extended mix) / [Rielism]
06.Amir Hussain - Wild card (Original mix) / [Grotesque]
07.Alex Leavon & Neev Kennedy - Love without you (Original mix) / [RNM]
08.Adam Ellis & Fenna Day - What makes your heart beat (Club mix) / [Amsterdam]
09.Armin Van Buuren Feat. Kensington - Heading up high (First State remix) / [Armada]
10.Gautam Khaw - Escape reality (Original mix) / [Extrema Global]
11.Dreamseekers Ft. Kim Kiona - Bringer of light (Original mix) / [AVA]
12.Dan Thompson - Vivid (Extended mix) / [ASOT]
13.The Avains - VV (Kiyoi & Eky remix) / [TFB]
14.David Thulin Ft. Charmaine - Sun is rising (Original mix) / [Above All]
15.Daxson & Harry Square - Raker (Extended mix) / [Coldharbour]

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