New Website Information


Unfortunately all users need to register on the new website from scratch.

All previous login details will no longer work, as these were not ported to the new website.

Servers & Domains

Crystal Clouds plans to retire the following domain names in the near future:-

The full suite of domains for 2014 and the future are as follows:-

Crystal Clouds has also retired both of it's existing web servers to be replaced by a new Quad Core Xeon processor based system with 4 TB of hard drive space.

Going forward this will allow us to archive even more sets than in the past.

VIP Membership

If you held a VIP account in the past, please send a message to EVM to get it added back to your account.

Please note that upgrading to VIP like this is a manual process and may take up to 72 hours to complete, but all VIP memberships will be extended by 1 month to compensate for any downtime.

Ensure the message contains your Paypal email address, so that it can be checked against donation records.

To send a message to EVM please click here: