Well Well Well.... 2022 isn't exactly full of pleasant surprises right now, apart from this lineup celebrating the Frantic 25th Birthday in London.

For those of you paying particular attention will notice firm Crystal Clouds favourite "Mat Lock" in the lineup!

I'm guessing they gave him an extra T for the the banging trance he will be pumping out......

Make sure you check it out if you are in the area in July!


The Box

Lisa Lashes (Hard House Vinyl Classics)
Agnelli & Nelson (Producer Anthems & Trance Classics)
Andy Whitby (Frantic Euphoria Classics)
Lisa Pin Up
Andy Farley
Cally Gage
Wayne Smart (Nukleuz Classics)
Ashley Waters
PSR & Matt Rush

103 – All Things Trance

Steve Hill
Billy Daniel Bunter (Hard Trance Vinyl Classics)
Phil Reynolds
S.H.O.K.K & Nick the Kid
Trevor Mc Lachlan
Jester & Kohl (Trance Classics)
Mat Lock

Baby Box – Frantic Digital

JP & Jukesy
12 Inch Thumpers (Jason Nawty & Mobi D)
Aaron James & Kevsey D
Dawn Lee & K8-e
Wayne G
Clare Marie

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