Anomaly is proud to present the UK Debut of Factor B’s open to close concept ‘Theatre Of The Mind’ at the Tunnel Club, Birmingham on 4th April 2020
If that wasn’t enough we also hand Anomaly debut’s to Ashley Smith, Danny Eaton, Renegade system & Ed Lynam who are all joined in room 2 by Alex Wright making his Anomaly return.

Join us for this spectacular immersive journey through the sound of Factor B…..all night long!

Factor B - “I’m just not ready for an open to close yet.. I feel I haven’t quite earned my stripes; or could I bring anything unique to the table that others haven’t already.. sure, I have the musical knowledge and the ambition - but when I do it, I want it to be something different, something with musical purpose & most importantly something that separates it from being just another ‘Open to Close’ “

That was my response 2 years ago when asked about whether I’d like to do an open to close. And looking back, I’m glad that was my outlook, because now I’m finally ready to rock, finally ready to introduce something fresh, something innovative & most importantly something meaningful to my relationship with electronic dance music. Introducing;

‘Theatre Of The Mind’

So what’s changed? Well, unbeknown to pretty much everyone bar my girlfriend, my agents, a few label execs and a couple of close mates - over the past year & a half I’ve been working incredibly hard on another musical project, completely broadening my production horizons & experimenting with all the things I love about trance.. but at much slower bpms.

Now, excitingly after a tonne of exploration, feedback & musical epiphanies - I’m sitting on upwards of 20 brand new, unreleased original productions spanning from 125 - 142bpm, not just as Factor B but as my new alias (which will be announced in 2020). Many of these tunes have never been played out before or heard outside of my studio. In my humble opinion (and those who have heard thus far) they are some of the best melodies & productions I’ve ever created - all just raring to go, with written & produced to feature exclusively in my ‘Theatre of the Mind’ sets.

Not to mention a heap of brand new remixes & re-works spanning across all bpms.


Factor B
Ashley Smith
Danny Eaton
Renegade System
Alex Wright
Ed Lynam

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