Hi guys, well here is a bit more about myself and my passion for producing and Mixing Trance music. My love for Trance began during my young school days perhaps around the age of 11 where the Danny Rampling and Pete Tong's show really grabbed me. I was naughty when young, I did go to the occasional Illegal Rave and loved the Underground sounds being spun by the Dj's. Yes Trance, Psy Trance and Acid Techno were my passions, so I began collecting Flyers and tried getting my hands on as much Happy Hardcore, Trance and Techno as I could.

It was more than just a listening love, I played in the school Orchestra's and loved composing music too, so my love for Trance combined with my love for Music soon intertwined. It wasn't long after school I worked my little butt off and bought my dear Technics 1210's and began spending my hard earned on Vinyl, lots of Vinyl, gosh Platypus, React, Carl Cox F.A.C.T, Cygnus X, Age of love, Jam and Spoon, Infected Mushroom, Oakenfold's releases, gosh I could go on all day. At the age of 19 my friend and I set up an Underground Music store, we had a beefy system in there. I used to DJ every day spinning those wheels, frequenting clubs and raves as often as I could.

Playing the odd club and underground party was a real buzz, getting a crowd rocking was awesome, this continued through University, where the Underground Trance scene was Amazing, especially Psy. I notice so many re mixes coming back of some true classics, it's a wonderful time right now, the new Progressive Psytrance and Full on is awesome. There are some fantastic producers out there. During my younger years I messed with various DAW's and got sick of PC so crossed over to Mac and never looked back. Gosh mixing on Vinyl, to mixing on Pioneers and then digital, then combining all, it's been a fun journey.

As technology advances we adjust to these new toys to bring out the sounds we have within our Soul, the aim to bring pleasure to others, thats why I do it, out of love for the Music and to see smiles and people dancing 🙂 . I changed my DJ name a couple of years ago to Psyrotica, as I knew where my true Dj'ing passion lies with Progressive Psy Trance, Full on, Deep and Tech Trance, Vocal Trance and the odd bit of techno and Psychill. Since then the internet world has seemed to embrace me, reaching top spot in numerous Trance charts on a regular basis, mix cloud, and others to having a weekly prime time Friday Night slot on Dragonfly Radio at 19:00 UK Time every week.

Now one of my dreams has come true, I am now gracing Crystal Clouds, I so hope you will enjoy my take on Trance, welcome to my world, the world of Psyrotica.



Radio Show

Psyrotica is live on Dragonfly Radio every Friday at 19:00 - 20:30 GMT and Tribalismo Radio every Saturday at 20:00 GMT.

Psyrotica - Dragonfly