The Witch Doctor, a British artist from the South of England, who got into music at an early age and pursued this love at school. She played in the school Orchestra and during her Senior school days she found the Underground sounds. This fuelled a new passion for dj’ing, at the age of 17 she purchased her first set of decks, Technics 1210’s.

A love affair ensued with mixing Psytrance, Psytrance fuelled a whole new ambition of one day being able to compose and write this Music as well as spinning it on the wheels. During University she met other likeminded Souls with a passion for Psytrance and she began dj’ing the Underground party scene.

Regularly attending illegal Raves and playing the odd spot she knew this passion for this music was locked into her Soul. Yes there are other genres like Psychill, Drum & Bass, Ambient and Techno that she adores but Psytrance is the passion inside.After University during her 20’s she had to focus on a career in Science so Music had to take a bit of a back Seat. This never quelled the passion mind you. Life took her to France where she owned property over there and she spent 10 years there and became frustrated that her Music was drifting away from her. After a period of illness she then decided it was time to sell up and move back to England and pursue her Music once again.


With some of the proceeds she invested in a state of the Art Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 set up and studio equipment having never been able to afford these essential tools till now. The last few years have seen this artist go from strength to strength. She has residencies on numerous Psytrance Radio stations. Tribalismo Radio, Dragonfly Radio, ETN.FM, Discover Trance radio, Pur Hits, TIMB Radio and others.

Since focusing hard in the studio she has had releases on Ohm Ganesh Pro Records, Ovnimoon, Atsral Vision records, Ox recordings, Power House records and Bass Star records. There is no stopping this lady as her love for the Music is now filling floors across the World.

Radio Show