Tero A

Tero A aka Tero Aitta-aho, born in January 1981, is a trance DJ from Finland. Tero started listening electronic music actively in early 90s but was already enjoying the electronic sounds before that. The journey to become DJ started in 1997, practising with his friend's DJ equipment first and then buying his own equipment in around year 2000. Some years passed actively practising and performing in private parties but the passion for DJing started to fade and finally 2003 he decided to take a break. However, his love for electronic music never died. After years of break from Djing, still buying few trance vinyls now and then and listening other DJs, Tero got interested in it again in 2008 when he was listening trance event airing on online radio station. Now he is still on that path having his own weekly radio show and doing guest mixes or other DJs and events.

Before his break, Tero was playing multiple genres like deep house, techno and trance. After the break he has narrowed it to mainly trance with goa, psychedelic and tech trance mixed in now and then. Tero's sets can be described as melodic and energetic.

Radio Show
"Northern Skies" airs on Discover Trance Radio every Friday at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 EET / 19:00 CET

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