Space Garden

Uplifting Trance DJ from Germany

For me Trance Music is part of life since 15 years. It always helps me to get in good mood, same counts for my mixes and my productions.

My goal is that you feel better and get a smile on your face, even if you have a bad day, that's why I try always to add a uplifting and positive touch! Even if there is only one person who is enjoying my stuff I am glad.

Radio Show
Space Garden - Journey (weekly podcast)

All tracklists, old shows and new sets for download exclusive on - feel free to join the forums during the broadcasts - i would be glad about any kind of feedback from you!

Feel free to contact me about guest mixes if you need one!

Space Garden - Sora (Daniel Skyver Remix) [Defcon Recordings] [2012]
Space Garden - There & Back (Incl. Simon O'Shine & TrancEye Remix / DoubleV Remix) [Diverted Music] [2011]
Space Garden - Drift (Incl. Mindful Innovations Remix / Manuel Juvera Remix) [Silent Shore Records] [2010]
Space Garden - Sora (Incl. AJ Hutch Remix / TrancEye Remix / Jamie Walker Remix) [Defcon Recordings] [2010]
Space Garden - Moon Flowers (Incl. Dave Cold Remix / Sound Colours Remix) [Eyereflex Recordings] [2009]
Space Garden - Above The Sky (Incl. Moxa Remix) [Crystal Clouds Recordings] [2008]

Senata & Ben Shaw - Maya (Space Garden Remix) [D.MAX Recordings] OUT NOW!
Emanuele Congeddu - Letter To Anya (Space Garden Remix) [AEZ Recordings] [2013]
Hiroki Nagamine - Saw (Space Garden Remix) [Gent Trance Division] [2013]
Daniel Meyer - Imposter (Space Garden Remix) [Nu-Communicate] [2012]
Ico - Restless (Space Garden Remix) [D.MAX Recordings] [2012]
Martin Libsen - Perfect Sky (Space Garden Remix) [Trance All-Stars] [2012]
Ancient Mind - Sahmeran (Space Garden Remix) [Digitized Recordings] [2011]
Cornell pres. Sunflare - Landscape (Space Garden pres. Star Sailor Remix) [Nile-Tunes Recordings] [2011]
LiMZ - Sea Of Hope (Space Garden Remix) [Dirt, Lies & Audio] [2011]
Conrad Winged & Ascania - Kashmir (Space Garden Remix) [Infected Identity] [2011]
Richard Sander pres. Rising Sun - Across The Sea (Space Garden Remix) [Defcon Recordings] [2011]
Myk Bee - Skyline (Space Garden Remix) [Eyereflex Recordings] [2009]
ByCue - Different Ways (Space Garden 'Uplifting Way' Remix) [Eyereflex Recordings] [2009]
Science Deal - Ananda (Crystal Clouds Theme 2008) (Space Garden Remix) [Crystal Clouds Recordings] [2008]


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