DJ N!ki

DJ N!ki got in contact with electronic music since the very early days, he received a mixtape from the legendary club Boccaccio (from Destelbergen, Belgium) back in 1991, he was so overwhelmed by the deep dark groove and beats that he immediately fell in love with this kind of music. Not long after that Niki bought his first gear and started spinning at his own turntable's. His first ever vinyl was Human Resource with The Dominator, since than he started buying vinyls weekly. Later in 1993-1994 after the hype "New Beat" was over Niki got in contact with the very first trance tracks, since then he was so passionated about this style that he hasn't change his style since.

In 1997 a new milestone reached his life as his first production came out on vinyl under the alias DJ Riff - A New Beginning (MKII Records). Niki started playing at several parties in Belgium. In 2000 he quitted the scene but he still bought CD's and vinyls weekly, out of passion for this music.

In 2011 Niki got in contact with a group of trance fanatics called Trance Family Belgium and he started playing again weekly on their radio, he played progressive and uplifting/tech trance and classics, not long after picked up his show and said to him that they wanted to stream his show since it was evolved into euphoric uplifting with an energetic drive, this is the style Niki plays nowadays.

He started playing again at some events. Last year he played together with M.I.K.E. on his World Citizen tour and this year another highlight when he played alongside Andrew Rayel. For this year he already has bookings in several clubs and festivals for the summer season. Niki started producing once again and is currently working hard so that some new tracks will see the light in 2014.

Radio Show
"Trance Is My Religion" is broadcasted weekly on TFB-Radio on Wednesday 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET and on Thursdays on Discover Trance Radio 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET

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