BlueHawk (aka Jamie Bell) has been encapsulated with the dance music scene since it's conception in the very early 90's, falling upon the very 1st Rezerection Rave in Newcastle during the early 90’s, and that was it...... Hooked! Over the next few years he turned his hand to DJ'ing, firstly experimenting with early rave classics such as Acen, SL2, The Prodigy and Slipmatt.

It wasn't long before he found his feet with the Goa Trance Scene that a certain Paul Oakenfold was pioneering. This led him into club's such as Rennaissance, Cream and eventually to the uplifting banging sound coming out of Gatecrasher. He quit DJ’ing in 2003 when his 1st daughter was born, however, BlueHawk dabbled into the world of Digital DJing 3 years later and there he was…. Back in the Game!!

He adapted himself quickly and after a few months entered the Crystal Clouds DJ Contest in 2006. He ended up a very respectable 7th, but this wasn't good enough and a year later after sharpening his skills went onto Win in 2007!!! He is now a resident DJ on the Crystal Clouds Panel and a very active member on the site - where you can find the majority of his mixes! In 2012 he joined a FaceBook group called Trance Renaissance, which is aimed at pushing the traditional Trance Sound (ala John OO Fleming/Paul Oakenfold/ Solarstone etc…) back to the limelight.

2 Years down the line and we have 300 Group members, hosting mixes, track samples and a long running weekly Radio Show/Podcast which you can downloaded direct from CC.

Radio Shows
"The Phoenix Sessions" airs on Discover Trance Radio every 3rd Sunday at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET

Website / Social
Trance Renaissance Group


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