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ISOS has changed one aspect for 2019. Its fifteenth musical quest has broken with its well-established release tradition, picking up an autumn spot. Notably along with its November 08 release, it’s also adopted a different aesthetic. Cooler, yet more refined musically? You decide. But in terms of ways to wrap up your 2019, you could […]

Even more free classic reworks this week – this time courtesy of Billy Gillies with his version of “Your Loving Arms” by Karen Overton. A great track from 2005 with memorable vocals and remixes from the likes of then-resident Andrew Bennett, Billy Gillies smashes this into 2019 with plenty of uplifting sounds and a much […]

Crystal Clouds resident DJ Lazarus celebrated his 400th episode of Rise Above this week with an amazing 6.5 hour set. Featuring a multitude of sub genres, the journey through trance highlights exactly the sort of story that Lazarus as a DJ can take you on. Expect everything from reworks of classics, Defcon exclusives and some […]

So here we are… and here it is. The culmination of a project that now comprises 27 pieces of music, delivered over a 3-album/4-year arc – all heralded by many a meaningful dot and dash. In the instant-hit world of today, its cyphered titles have been a premeditated move to provide an album bomb with […]

For those who remember “the good old days” of trance at Crystal Clouds, many will know that we were obsessed by Somatic Sense Recordings and their suite of artists. It would appear that this week, Somatic Sense reappeared on Facebook! We don’t have any information at present, but fingers crossed we have some more great […]

Translating what the eyes see into what the ears hear when they scan the night sky has been an obsession of musicians as far back as Holst composing ‘The Planets’. Since, many within the electronic music province have tried to articulate the grandeur and enormity of the cosmos, but few – if any – have […]

It looks like DJs and Producers alike continue to give away some amazing free tracks recently – including this remix of the classic “Injected With A Poison” by Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones. Great vocal clips, uplifting trance and a beefy break make this the perfect 2019 version. Check it out on Jordan Suckley’s SoundCloud […]

Have your cake and eat it with Gatecrasher birthday celebrations. Gatecrasher celebrates an epic 26 years of existence in Sheffield, UK in November 2019 with huge DJs such as Key4050 duo John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney, Factor B, Cold Blue, Sean Tyas and many more – with a special classics arena for those who fancy […]

Something different in the freebies section this week – courtesy of legendary trance producer Factoria. Dave recently uploaded a few of his older tracks onto SoundCloud free of charge, with my particular favourite being the MK-S remix of No Escape which features some nice eery but uplifting sounds. The track was released waaaaay back in […]

Approximately eleven point five years ago, in February 2008 Stuart Langelaand a.k.a. Lange released his debut album, Better Late Than Never on CD via Maelstrom Records. Today, Black Hole Recordings is proud to re-release a newly remastered album, with freshly added remixes from Somna, Omnia and Signum. The entire album was and remains phenomenal from […]