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Free Track: Flutlicht Back Catalog

One of the pioneers of harder edged trance from the early days of trance – Flutlicht – appears to be giving away a lot of his older tracks absolutely free. What a legend! So far tracks like “Icarus”, “Ahmea” and remixes of “Marc Dawn – Expander” and “Alex Bartlett – Amnesia” are up for download […]

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Horizons

More top releases from Black Hole – this time courtesy of favourite Giuseppe Ottaviani! Not out and out trance necessarily, but some amazing sounds from this brilliant producer. That being said, a new Nu Nrg album would be wonderful!     Press Release When they take a new stylistic direction, it’s rare for the artists […]

JES – Memento

There won’t be many trance fans out there that wouldn’t have come across JES before, but for those unfamiliar with all of her work, she brings you “Memento” feature a collection of some of her biggest and best tracks over 2 CDs. The Will Atkinson Remix of Imagination has to be a particular favourite of […]

Sub-Terra Resistance Vol 001 – Mixed By Tasso & EverLight

Crystal Clouds is always excited to learn of new trance compilations and this weeks surprise comes courtesy of EverLight and Tasso in the form of “Sub-Terra Resistance”. Definitely on the harder edge, the tracklist looks quite tasty – so we will be keeping an eye out for any samples and teasers the guys may release! […]

Techno Club Vol 67 – Mixed By Talla 2XLC, Ralphie B

The next edition of Techno Club features none other than Ralphie B on the guestmix. The tracklist looks very impressive, lots of big tracks and covering a variety of trance sub genres! Release is 21st October, make sure you get your copy and continue supporting the artists. Tracklist CD 1: 1 : Talla 2XLC – […]

In Search Of Sunrise 18 Mixed By Markus Schulz, Matt Fax & Dennis Sheperd

Some early information has been released on the forthcoming In Search Of Sunrise compilation which will be mixed by Markus Schulz, Matt Fax and Dennis Sheperd. Amazon are reporting the release date as the 16th of September 2022, so be sure to check it out! Tracklist Disc: 1 1 When the Light Breaks in Sarmi […]

Sunlounger – After The Afters

This is an interesting album release on VII – a remix album from Sunlounger with a difference. Some of the biggest releases of the year have been transformed into amazing mellow tracks that let you hear them in a completely different way. Loving the remixes of Metta, Blink and Rip it Up but looking forward […]

Site Update – August 2022

Just a brief update from me for August 2022 – hope everybody is well and enjoying some fantastic trance lately! Aug 8th – 12th There will be no updates to mixes during this time, due to limited internet access for me! Hopefully there are enough mixes online for everybody to keep themselves busy. Donations With […]

Synthesis Vol 02 – Mixed By Yoshi & Razner & NG Rezonance

After the success of Synthesis Volume 1 earlier this year, Tidy are back with a new edition mixed by Yoshi & Razner on CD 1 and NG Rezonance on CD 2. It’s great to see a big label firing out the trance CDs right now. Filling the gap that other labels left behind (FSOE we […]

Forerunners – Pure Progressive Vol 2

Not a lot of information yet, but it looks like the Magik Muzik team will be releasing a Pure Progressive Volume 2 CD mixed by Forerunners in August 2022. We look forward to seeing what this brings, as Orkidea did a great job on the last one! Tracklist Disc 1 – The Artist. Forerunners – […]

Techno Club Vol 66 – Mixed By Talla 2XLC, Alex Di Stefano

Due for release on the 22nd of July 2022, Talla 2XLC brings in popular producer and DJ Alex Di Stefano for the 66th volume of Techno Club. Some nice tracks on this release with the guestmix packing a bit of punch, so definitely one to give a try! Now to start guessing who will be […]

Otographic Arts Celebrates 150th Episode

A big shout out to Kenji and the guys at Otographic Music who reached the 150th episode of the massively popular “Otographic Arts” radioshow. They celebrated over two days on Twitch with some massive names from the Japanese music scene including the two hosts Kenji Sekiguchi, Nhato and the likes of Kyohei Akagawa, Kana, Yuji […]

Titan Audio Launch Bandcamp Page

Hugh Tolland and Akira Kayosa recently announced that their Titan Audio label will be launching a Bandcamp page to give consumers more freedom in where to support their favourite artists. For those who want fairer prices, or the ability to add a little “tip” on for the producers they love, Bandcamp is much more flexible […]

Craig Connelly – Believe In Magic

Sometimes we have to dig a bit deeper for CDs to post, but it appears this one slipped us right by. Craig presents his latest artist album “Believe In Magic” which features the vocals of some amazing talent over his great uplifting trance sounds. The “You Are Alive” rework is a particular highlight to us! […]

Hard Trance Bible – Mixed By Technikal

Tidy keep coming out with these amazing harder mix compilations and this one is a great idea. Who wouldn’t want a bit of old testament including “Expander”, “Pure Thrust” and the one that nearly sent me over the edge “Isn’t It All A Little Strange” – WOW. Followed by a CD of some newer tracks, […]