An attempt at something different from Crystal Clouds this week - some free track downloads!

This month we concentrate on the goodies available from new resident DJ "Magdelayna".

His tracks and remixes have been signed to all sorts of labels and he has been a long term member of Crystal Clouds - so many people should already be familiar with him.

For those who haven't.... Magdelayna produces tracks that vary from chilled/ambient to uplifting and progressive trance.

He quite regularly releases remixes and reworks of popular and classic trance releases, with his very own twist!

Here are a selection of such tracks, with my particular favourite being the uplifting track "Solar Nebular"


Rank 1 - Airwave (Magdelayna's Resurrection Mix)

Hans Zimmer - Time (Magdelayna Remake)[Free Track]


Brian Eno vs. John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were An Ending Ascent (Magdelayna Mashup)


Magdelayna - Solar Nebular (Original Mix)

Magdelayna - Starlight Theory (Original Mix)

The Gift - The Seventh Day (Magdelayna Remake)


Admittedly it has been a while since we updated the news feed at Crystal Clouds, but here we are with some excellent news!

From 2017 Crystal Clouds has several new DJs joining the roster.

Keep reading to find out more!

Mohamed Ragab

Egyptian born and raised Mohamed Ragab has been making quite a name for himself the past few years. Having been active in the Trance scene both as DJ and producer for almost a decade, releasing his tracks on renowned labels like Future Sound of Egypt/Armada and Ultra Music, and having received multiple support on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radioshow as well as Aly & Fila’s FSOE.

As long term fans of Aly & Fila - Crystal Clouds is very excited to bring a fellow Egyptian on board and Mohamed certainly provides the same level of high quality trance as his fellow countrymen.

Read more here:


Many long term members of Crystal Clouds will already be familiar with Elitist - particularly those who were fans of Somatic Sense and the wonderful track "Zonderland" that Elitist produced with Acues.

In 2017 Elitist returns to the team at Crystal Clouds with his unique take on trance in the form of his monthly show "Incoming Signal".

Read more here:



Adam Rodziewicz AKA Magdelayna is another name that many long term members of Crystal Clouds will be familiar with.

Active on the "Crystal Clouds V3" forums promoting some massive remixes and reworks of his favourite trance releases and coming up with some ingenious tribute mixes, Magdelayna is certainly a name you will be seeing more and more around the scene!

Read more here:



Psyrotica brings Psy Trance to Crystal Clouds for the very first time in 2017!

There is no particular reason why Crystal Clouds hasn't looked into Psy Trance before now, but we simply couldn't ignore the great mixes that Tara was sharing with us.

We look forward to a great partnership working with Tara in the future, as she pushes the boundaries of these unknown sounds (to us at least!)


Read more here:


Crystal Clouds would like to take a minute to call on the power of it's supporters this month to plead for donations to keep this project alive.

Over the course of 2015 we received substantial support from a variety of members, but the monthly expense of approximately $140 can quickly drain any funds that we have amassed in a year if donations fall short.

We would like to take this opportunity to firstly praise and thank those members for wonderful support throughout 2015 as per every year before that - but plead with others to consider donating to keep our project alive.

We would love to continue Crystal Clouds and keep work on the redevelopment going, but the finances will eventually become a show stopper, as we cannot keep it going alone.

As it stands we have reserve funds available to keep us going over the course of April and May, but should donations not be raised in time, cancellation would have to be applied a month in advance.

Please consider support Crystal Clouds today!

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