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Richard Durand – Reactivate

Including top collaborations with artists like Christian Burns, HALIENE, Signum and Susana…. Richard Durand brings you his latest album “Reactivate”. Some highlights for us include the uplifting tracks “My Guiding Light”, “Beyond This Earth” and the harder edged “Off The Grid”. Richard even chucks in some more progressive and psy sounding tracks to give a […]

Free Track: Jay Lumen – Returning (Sam Jones Rework)

Can’t beat a free track giveaway and Sam Jones provides a massive banger here in the form of his rework for Jay Lumen. We detest Hypeedit here, so always good to see a giveaway without signing your social media away, but of course, make sure to support Sam where you can! Related Links Sam Jones […]

Your Thoughts On 2021?

It’s that time of the year again…. Yearmixes, Yearmixes and more Yearmixes, but what were your highlights of 2021? New Discovery of 2021-   Favourite DJ of 2021-   Favourite Producer of 2021-   Favourite Remixer of 2021-   Favourite Track(s) of 2021-   Favourite Radioshow of 2021-   Favourite Record Label of 2021-   […]

Free Track: Mesh – Purple Haze (Magdelayna’s Recollection Mix)

Magdelayna turns up with another beautiful remix of a classic trance track this christmas and of course brings it to you for no cost whatsoever! Please be sure to check it out and support this extremely kind gesture from such a talented producer! Related Links

The Art Of Skullduggery Volume 003 – Mixed By EverLight, Alex Di Stefano And Zach Zlov

A small update to this news post – Greg Downey confirmed that Skullduggery Volume 3 will be mixed by none other than Alex Di Stefano, EverLight and Zach Zlov across 3 CDs. It is due for release in February, so looking forward to some tracklists (etc) closer to the time! Tracklist TBC   Related Links […]

Free Track: EverLight – Purity

EverLight has recently impressed with a wide variety of different styles in his portfolio. Everything from uplifting, to tech and some other crazy stuff in between, EverLight is definitely a name we watch closely at Crystal Clouds. We noticed this week that he is offering the track “Purity” for free on SoundCloud so definitely thought […]

FSOE 700 – Mixed By Fuenka & Paul Denton

It looks like the next FSOE compilation is only going to be released digitally (which is a shame for a crazed CD collector like me), but at least there is one! Mixed by Fuenka and Paul Denton, there are tracks from the likes of all sorts of FSOE favourites. Make sure you support your favourite […]

Craig Connelly & Factor B – Live @ Anomaly, Birmingham 11 December 2021

Anomaly are probably chuffed with themselves to have such a massive lineup for a pre-christmas party unlike any other. DJs including Factor B, Craig Connelly, David Forbes and Kriess Guyte will likely blow the roof off at The Tunnell Club in Birmingham. Tickets start at £28 – be sure to check it out and give […]

Bryan Kearney – Live @ Opium, Dublin 26 November 2021

Bryan Kearney will be live in Dublin next weekend with a huge night of kearnage that only he knows how to deliver. The night might be limited in what time it has to end, but tickets start at only 25 EUR so be sure to go out and support your favourite DJs! A Message From […]

Aly & Fila- Live @ Trancecoda, Sheffield 15 April 2022

Another huge party in the early parts of 2022 featuring separate 3 hour sets from both Aly & Fila and John O’Callaghan. Also joined by Ben Gold, Paul Thomas and Dark Fusion, there should be something for everyone here – but be sure to support Crystal Clouds legends Aly & Fila if you happen to […]

Will Atkinson Presents We Are All Victims 01 January 2022

What a way to start 2022! 4 DJs including Will Atkinson, John Askew, Billy Gillies and A*S*Y*S – the year is going to kick off in huge style with nothing but power power power from the get go. Tickets start from £29.50 now that all of the Early Access ones have gone, but what better […]

FSOE Radioshow To Stop Podcasts

Aly & Fila posted this weeks FSOE episode with the below message: We have an important announcement to bring you regarding the future of the radio show. Soon we will be turning off the podcast feed and instead the radio show will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all the usual streaming stores. […]

Please Help Crystal Clouds Stay Online (2021 Pt 2)

Things have remained tight here at Crystal Clouds over the last year or so, as we are sure is the case for a lot of people with their own personal finances. We have entered the situation once more where our donation funds have ran pretty much dry. Only 2 or 3 users have been contributing […]

Techno Club Vol 64 – Mixed By Talla 2XLC, Alessandra Roncone & Madwave

On the 19th of November we will see another installment of the Techno Club series with mixes by Talla 2XLC, Alessandra Roncone & Madwave. Something a bit different with 3 CDs rather than 2 and some DJs that haven’t previously guestmixed the series, this is looking quite good! Plenty of unique tracks in the mixes […]

Pure Trance Volume 9 – Mixed By Solarstone and Stoneface & Terminal

Solarstone returns with Stoneface & Terminal on the guestmix for volume 9 of “Pure Trance”. Some good looking music here, so make sure to pre-order before the release date of 22nd November 2021. Tracklist Disc 1 – Mixed by Solarstone Adam Nickey – Reflections ZOYA – Nostalgia (Solarstone Retouch) Foxhill – Waiting on the Beach […]