Due for release at the end of June 2019, Subculture bring you an exciting new album mixed by none other than Craig Connelly and Factor B.

Crystal Clouds is happy to see Factor B on the decks for any compilation, so cannot wait for this!

Mix 1 - Craig Connelly

01. Craig Connelly - One Equals Atmosphere Squared (Intro Mix)
02. Craig Connelly - Solstice
03. Craig Connelly & Alex Holmes - Waterfall
04. Cold Blue - Simplicity
05. Peter Steele - Talisman
06. Craig Connelly - Phoenix Beyond
07. Craig Connelly featuring Megan McDuffee - Lights Around The World
08. Bryan Kearney - Omega Six (Subculture 2019 Album Version)
09. Craig Connelly - Phuket [UnKonscious Anthem 2019]
10. Craig Connelly - The Universal
11. Ferry Tayle featuring Poppy - The Way Back Home (Craig Connelly Remix)
12. Giuseppe Ottaviani - 8K
13. Sneijder & Karen Kelly - Be With You (Craig Connelly Remix)
14. James Dymond - Mandalore
15. Craig Connelly - The Creator
16. Waio vs Bryan Kearney - Futura (Will Rees Subculture 2019 Album Version)
17. Craig Connelly - Reverence

Mix 2 - Factor B
01. Factor B - Stardust Symphony (Factor B's Anti-Gravity Intro Mix)
02. Factor B - Anything [For You]
03. Factor B featuring Cat Martin - Crashing Over
04. XiJaro & Pitch vs Fredd Moz - Falling Leaves
05. Factor B - Alpha
06. Ashley Smith - Another Day
07. Factor B - Touch
08. Factor B vs The Thrillseekers - Into The Last Light (Factor B Mash-Up) 09. Lostly & Claire Willis - Neon Skies
10. Neptune Project featuring Polly Strange - Pulse (Factor B Remix)
11. Cold Blue - Mount Everest (Factor B’s Back to Base Camp Remix)
12. Michael Kaelios - Hunters At Night
13. Alex Di Stefano - Into The Flames
14. John O’Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin - Stay With Me (Factor B Remix)
15. Marc Dawn - Random walk (Factor B's Back to the Future Remix)

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Two years back Mark Sherry had his humanity questioned. Nobody - least of all he - could have known it’d trip off his first artist album. Clicking a captcha to ‘confirm’ his ‘humanity’ was an innocuous, seemingly fleeting moment. Everything that followed that, well, markedly less so. Over the following minutes, hours, days & weeks he returned to the question with ever-increasing interest.

“In hindsight, says the Scottish producer, it was a bit of a lightning bolt moment. It got me thinking, ‘wow, we've actually reached the point in civilisation where we have to identify ourselves as a person, not a machine, and – to of all things - a machine!’ If someone told me when I was 10, I’d have to do that, it would’ve truly blown my mind. Really, as I see it now, in this life any eventuality’s possible.”

As an album began to crystallise around the ‘Confirm Humanity’ question, its significance appeared to take on numerous other forms, not least social, cultural & existential ones. To Mark, it moved from being a seed to a metaphor and onto a motif - eventually developing into a refrain for life in the modern world.

Throughout its studio development, Mark sourced a litany of elements that chimed with ‘Confirm Reality’s central theme. Some overt, some nuanced and others Easter egged and for the sharpest ears only, within its fabric they make for an album which transmits both music & meaning. Through tracks like ‘The End Is The Beginning’, ‘Triquetra’, ‘Method To My Madness’ and ‘I’m Not A Robot’, Mark even poses some questions of his own.

In this debut album quest, Mark’s been flanked by a cadre of co-producers from his Outburst Records universe and beyond. Richard Durand, David Forbes, Tempo Giusto, Vlind, Mallorca Lee and others joined him in the studio, ultimately assisting in the serving of 18 desk-fresh tracks. It also involved the remixing of legends like Tiësto and the vocal talents of Marcella Woods, Christina Novelli & others, sitting thought-provoking songs amongst its floor roasting instrumentals.

Confronting the question others dare not? Judge for yourself. ‘Confirm Reality’ unflinchingly holds the clubbing mirror up to our 21st century times from today!

“The future as we know it is over” speculates the introductory crawl for ‘The End Is The Beginning’ and with it Mark and long-time studio sparring partner Mallorca Lee deliver the fiercest of precedents for the album. From there, well you know better than to expect any breathers from Captain Outburst! In solo mode comes the vociferous statement of ‘I’m Not A Robot’, whilst ‘Method To My Madness’ shakes the system further - posing provocative questions of its own. “What are people gonna think in another 4 years?” ask Mark & Tiempo Giusto on ‘Celestial Body’, whilst ‘Chopperchunk 2.0’ (alongside the UK’s Joey V) charges up the batteries for some pitch, warp & distorted tech-tenaciousness.

The LP’s vanguard singles (‘Confirm Humanity’ and the Christina Novelli-sung ‘Lighting Fires’) bookend the vociferous ‘Triquetra’. For those not acquainted with Netflix’s Dark series, ‘Triquetra’ (“the point where past, present & future meet in the middle”) takes its cues from an end-to-end gamut of tech-trance’s history. Framed by hunting horns and marching beats, Mark also reserves LP space for an epic, truly night-seizing escalation of Tiësto classic ‘Carpe Noctum’. The rolling groove & uplifting feel of ‘Luminosity Curve’ preface further vocal clusters on the album. Clare Stagg brings her beguilingly folk-edged inflection to ‘Poison Apple’, whilst legendary trance singer Marcella Woods touches new emotional heights on ‘Can’t Live Without Your Love’.

As the album begins its third and final act, ‘Confirm Humanity’s sonic stance toughens palpably again. In floor-striking form, ‘Yerba Del Diablo’ reunites Mark with fellow countryman (and trance legend) David Forbes. ‘Follow Me’ meanwhile sees him collaborating with original creators Spacefrog & Derb to revisit the underground German classic. In similar fashion - under his and Scot Project’s Gentech alias - ‘Feel My Love’ ups the quirk ante, while the Ross Ferguson-sung/Vlind-coproduced ‘Alone’ adds a final vocally elevating kiss-off to the LP.


01. The End Is The Beginning (with Mallorca Lee)
02. Chopperchunk 2.0 (with Joey V)
03. I’m Not A Robot
04. Celestial Body (with Tempo Giusto)
05. Method To My Madness
06. Tiësto - Carpe Noctum (Mark Sherry Remix)
07. Lighting Fires (with Christina Novelli)
08. Triquetra
09. Confirm Humanity
10. Luminosity Curve
11. Cosmic Dawn (with Richard Durand)
12. Can’t Live Without Your Love (with Marcella Woods)
13. Poison Apple (with Clare Stagg)
14. Yerba Del Diablo (with David Forbes)
15. Follow Me (meets Space Frog & Derb)
16. Gentech - Feel My Love
17. Alone (with Vlind featuring Ross Ferguson)
18. Arcadia

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VII’s power lies in precisely that: absolute concentration on the music of just seven artists. Coming up over the last few years, its mandate has swiftly resulted in an open-tap stream of club-empowering audio from some of trance’s cooler and more underground-respected names. With spring 2019 comes the launch of the inaugural album in what – going forward – will become VII’s annual mixcomp series. It’s one that tightens the label’s focus further still, with ‘Solo Vol.1’ telescoping up closer-than-close on one of the cadre’s number.

At the top of his game for a decade +, Simon Patterson inimitable sonic ethic needs little by way of introduction. A powder keg composite of psy, tech & acid, astutely synthesized with elements of the uplifting & the vocal, its formulation has been crafted over time. It’s one that since has made him as audibly identifiable as any DJ currently spinning within the genre.

To ‘Solo Vol.1’s twin discs, Patterson brings that identity with renewed vengeance. Showcasing forty tracks (eighteen of which will only ever be available through this collection), it’s as defining as mixcomps come. Featuring masses of soundware from VII’s seven (Avalon, John Askew, Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas and Alex Di Stefano among them), there’s naturally also a wealth from Patterson, himself. Around the side you’ll find club ordinance from Astrix, Greg Downey, Sam Jones, Activa, Vertical Mode, UDM, Amir Hussain, David Forbes and others, uniting music on an album that doesn’t so much open the door to the clubbing spring, as boot it wide Musically, Patterson will always take you up the mountain. This trip though was never going to start in the foothills. When a music comp calibrates with Astrix & Freedom Fighters’ neo-classic psy-fry ‘Burning Stones’, notice has been fully served. At head-spinning speed you’ll be staring down the barrel of Greg Downey take on Sunscreem’s ‘Perfect Motion’, Amir Hussain’s really very naughty ‘Nefarious’ and Beatman/Ludmilla’s reckoning of Dogzilla classic, ‘Your Eyes’. Crossing the midpoint, Simon ups the charge again with EverLight’s electrifying ‘Slippery Business’, some ‘Found My Silence’-type elevation from Activa and Sean Tyas’ Beatport assaulting ‘Chrome’. With ‘Shining Through’, Magnus beats the final path to disc one’s summit, before Simon plants the flag square with his and John Askew’s ‘Iridescent’.

Between ‘Solo Vol.1’s two mixes there’s no ‘big bomb/not quite so big bomb’. That’s put into the clearest of perspectives as Simon goes headlong into its second disc with his spin on Astrix’s ‘Take A Shot’. UCast’s floor-shifting ‘Motive’ and ‘Blink’ - Patterson’s fifth outing with semi-muse Lucy Pullin are hot on its heels. Not dropping but a bar of pressure, Simon uses the mix’s median to infuse it with a judicious measure of vocal elements. Richard Durand’s forceful revision of Greg Downey & Bo Bruce’s ‘These Hands I Hold’ gets an airing, as does Will Atkinson’s chart-topping rework of JES’s ‘Imagination’. Bringing mix matters to the near vertiginous apexes are Activa & Simon Bostock’s ‘Contour’, ‘Rocket Punch’ from Jordan Suckley (rewhipped by Alex Di Stefano) and Simon’s own purpose-built & album eponymous, ‘Solo’. A dazzling compilation that showcases Simon Patterson’s exceptional ethics to the nth degree, ‘Solo Vol.1’.


Disc 1

01. Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones
02. Greg Downey & Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Short Mix)
03. Denis Sender & DJ T.H. with Cari - I Found You (Maywave Dub Mix)
04. Peter Steele & Simon Bostock featuring Kate Miles - My Place
05. Neptune Project - Temple of Artemis (Rated R Remix)
06. Amir Hussain - Nefarious
07. Omega Drive - Crunch Driver
08. Zach Zlov - Dimensions
09. Project 8 - Inception
10. Dogzilla - Your Eyes (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)
11. Omega Drive - Crazy Lazers
12. UDM - Majeifa
13. Adam Lindburg - Odyssey (Extended Mix)
14. Aldous - Summer's Gone (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
15. EverLight - Slippery Business
16. Activa - Found My Silence
17. Sean Tyas - Chrome (Extended Mix)
18. Magnus - Shining Through
19. Felsmann + Tiley - February
20. Simon Patterson & John Askew - Iridescent
21. AudioStorm - Titanium (Outro)

Disc 2

01. Vertical Mode & Javier Bussola - Galaxy Riders
02. Astrix - Take A Shot (Simon Patterson Extended Remix)
03. UCast - Motive
04. Will Rees - Weapon (EverLight Blackout Remix - John Askew Rework)
05. Simon Patterson featuring Lucy Pullin - Blink
06. David Forbes - Violent Skies
07. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones - Rotavator (Sam Jones Extended Remix)
08. Avalon & Azax - Universal (Extended Mix)
09. Liam Wilson - Textures
10. Altered State - The Arena
11. A & Z - Vulcan
12. Amir Hussain & Alan Wyse - Knockout (Extended Mix)
13. Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Richard Durand Remix)
14. Prototype - Soundpiercing (Omni Remix - John Askew Rework)
15. JES - Imagination (Will Atkinson Extended Remix)
16. Greg Downey & Alex Di Stefano - Among Us (Extended Mix)
17. Simon Patterson - Solo (Extended Mix)
18. Jordan Suckley - Rocket Punch (Alex Di Stefano Extended Remix)
19. Simon Patterson featuring Dave Wright - Northern Lights (UDM Remix)
20. Activa & Simon Bostock - Contour
21. Mikas - Luna

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Skullduggery as a label has stamped itself as one of the strongest tech trance outfits in the scene.

A brand that prides itself on consistency and quality of the utmost impeccable sonic standards.

Built around a handful of standout artists and friends who are know for setting the bar higher, Skullduggery is now a far reaching family and platform that encompasses a label, live shows, fashion and of course a global community of like minded people who are at the core of who we are and what we represent.

“The Art Of Skullduggery” is the first volume in what will be an annual compilation series that celebrates the sounds that define us.

For this debut album we wanted to approach each mix as we would a live set - with the focus on speak time and energy. Two CDs. Two explosive journeys into the furthest realms of cutting edge trance from flagship Skullduggery artists - Greg Downey and Stoneface & Terminal. Both acts bring their own unique signature styles to this package of powerful productions. A combination of carefully selected exclusives and rarities across two discs.

This is the sound of Skullduggery and a true showcase of our art.

This is… The Art Of Skullduggery.


Mix 1 - Greg Downey

01. Vincextz - Clockwork
02. Greg Downey - The Tone (Intro Mix)
03. Greg Downey - Loco
04. Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Richard Durand Remix)
05. Greg Downey & Alex Di Stefano - Among Us
06. Activa - Defiance
07. Greg Downey & Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Short Mix)
08. Michael Kaelios - Beyond Life
09. Greg Downey - Razor (UCast Remix)
10. G8 - Boom and I Knock Them Out (Greg Downey Rework)
11. Beatman & Ludmilla - Dune
12. Cenk Basaran & KoRay - Instinct
13. Vince Schuld - Disconnected (Cenk Basaran Remix)
14. Greg Downey - P45 (HP Source Remix)
15. Project 8 - I Believe
16. Zach Zlov - Regicide
17. Greg Downey - Sense (Sentinel 7 Remix)
18. Basic Dawn - Pure Thrust (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix)
19. Paul van Dyk & Lostly - Amanecer
20. Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (Chris Voro ReChill)

Mix 2 - Stoneface & Terminal

01. Stoneface & Terminal - Titan
02. Stephen Kirkwood - Rainbow Six
03. Phil Sandy - Meotide
04. Nick Callaghan - The Wretched
05. Stoneface & Terminal - Bolide (Stoneface & Terminal pres. Gundamea Remix)
06. Stoneface & Terminal - Patient XTC
07. Liam Wilson - Get On The Floor
08. Will Atkinson - Dusk (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix)
09. Adam Reece - The Recluse
10. Stoneface & Terminal - Mind Games
11. Project 8 & EverLight - Knife Fight
12. Latex Zebra - Not Just A 303
13. Renegade System - Impetus
14. Kinetica - Temple Run


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In full album stride, Driftmoon’s Juraj Klička is ready to roll again. Three years on from the hybrid orchestration of ‘R(E)volution’ and less than nine months after ‘Invitcus’ - his part music/part audiobook LP - saw the light, the Prague based producer/DJ confirmed production on his third had wrapped.

‘Remember The Night’, which arrives this March (and is available to pre-order from today) once again sees Driftmoon shake up the album format. “If they happen at all, he says, live album performances tend to be the ‘what comes after’. Here though I wanted the live experience to be people’s first contact with it. It’s called ‘club music’ after all, so let’s introduce it that way!”

No coincidence admittedly, but Juraj was well positioned to make that happen. Evermore over the last year, the Czech capital’s Epic club has become a bucket-list essential for music lovers from far & wide. As Epic’s DJ resident, the club provided the optimum platform for Juraj to mount a live rendition of the album.

Alongside ‘Remember The Night’s solo moments, Driftmoon called on some close chums and musical confidants to collaborate on its creation. Subsequently it came to include music made with Robert Nickson (under the duo’s Astrosphere moniker), Ferry Tayle and Ahmed Romel. Further, its also became a platform for a long overdue studio return for Paul ‘Re:Locate’ Moelands, as well as a pairing with much-revered studio savant, Geert Huinink.


01. Driftmoon & Geert Huinink - The Creation (Intro Mix) [Live]
02. Astrosphere - Zephyr [Live]
03. Astrosphere & Re:Locate - Crown Royal [Live]
04. Driftmoon - Odyssey (Epic Mix) [Live]
05. Driftmoon - Renaissance [Live]
06. Ahmed Romel & Driftmoon - Ars Vitae (Driftmoon Refresh) [Live]
07. Astrosphere - Outflow [Live]
08. Driftmoon with Ferry Tayle - Unforgettable (Driftmoon Mix) [Live]
09. Astrosphere - What Lies Between The Stars [Live]
10. Driftmoon - Arctic Chills [Live]
11. Astrosphere - Origins [Live]
12. John O’Callaghan featuring Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Driftmoon Remix) [Live]
13. Driftmoon - Please Don’t Go (Suncatcher Remix) [Live]
14. Driftmoon - Two Sunsets Under A Maple Tree (Outro Mix) [Live]

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Since Key4050 first addressed crowds at 2017’s Dreamstate SoCal, John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney’s horde of purpose-built, set-exclusive material has been locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Audiences at EDC Mexico, Bangkok’s Transmission and the Subculture arena event at Melbourne’s Hisense have subsequently fallen under its thrall. Remaining the sole preserve of their kinetic, redline-pushing set experiences, no track titles, personal insights or take-home music has become public.

Fourteen months after that first performance however 4050’s key is finally starting to turn. The moment some thought might never happen… is. Through the ‘Tales From The Temple’ album John & Bryan are prepped to release all that set-jet fuel en masse.

Blazing the path for the release of an entire 32-track arsenal’s worth of material on Feb 15, the first music to be made officially available from the pair’s union arrives today. Four of the duo’s festival flamers (‘Utterly Butterly’, ‘Birch’, ‘Finkle und Einhorn’ and ‘The Truth’) are available now through Spotify and as pre-order Instant Grats.

If you’ve seen Key4050 first-hand, you’ll know the type of pressure that’s on the rise here. If not, well this quad will put you in the no-uncertain-terms picture. A compression of carnivorous bass, drum march, staccato percussion and techno-tenacity, pinning together polygraph-tense drops and all wrapped up with their HD studio work, Key4050’s output is energy redefined.


CD 1
01. Beetlejuice
02. Wendle
03. Birch
04. Utterly Butterly
05. Dinklebot
06. Trevor
07. Pikachu
08. Settler
09. Squirrel
10. Quadruplets
11. Meryl Beef
12. Sweetest Road
13. Otter
14. Equinox
15. Altered Definition
16. Otterfly

CD 2

01. Irwin (5:08)
02. Donadoni
03. Schillachi
04. Laudrup
05. The Truth
06. Bortolottay
07. Egon
08. Take A Break
09. Retention
10. Jalapeno
11. Finkle und Einhorn
12. Intersect
13. Megatron
14. Ubuntu
15. Dickie Tummay
16. Alka


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For those of you out there who remember the original Crystal Clouds website and forum, you may also remember the annual "what were your favourites of 20XX" topic...

We've decided to bring it back for 2018 under a new news category "Discussion". If these posts are successful, we may re-implement the forums later in the year!

The general idea is simple on this one - what were your favourites from the categories below? Reply to the post, copy-paste the questions with answers!

New Discovery of 2018 -


Favourite DJ of 2018 -


Favourite Producer of 2018 -


Favourite Remixer of 2018 -


Favourite Track(s) of 2018 -


Favourite Radioshow of 2018 -


Favourite Record Label of 2018 -


Favourite DJ Mix of 2018 -


Favourite Classic Track during 2018 -


Best thing about Trance in 2018 -


Worst thing about Trance in 2018 -


Favourite CD Mix Compilation in 2018 -


Favourite Trance Artist Album in 2018 -


Trance surprise of 2018 -


Who Should We Be Following in 2019? -





Resident Crystal Clouds DJ and giver of gifts "Magdelayna" presents to you a free copy of the theme tune of his radioshow "Moments of Energy".

A nice uplifting number with plenty of mysterious and euphoric sounds combining nicely with sci-fi esque vocal snippets - enjoy your reward for Magdelayna reaching 5000 subscribers on YouTube.

Of course - be sure to subscribe to his social channels and perhaps this will persuade him to giveaway more beauties like this one!

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For their now annual winter-weather-beating ‘Cirque du Trance’ RAM has assembled a 20+ strong DJ contingent for its four area affair. He’s been joined by two of that number to mix up the event takeaway -‘Grotesque 350’ - the album. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Di Stefano were the men getting the call-up and they join the Grotesque ringmaster in mixing up 350’s comp storm. Collectively they’ve delivered a trio of discs, packed to their limits with you the freshest, finest & most exclusive trance available.

From amongst its near 60-track order, you’re in line for (naturally enough!) masses from the trinity themselves. That includes ‘Youniverse’ - this year’s Grotesque event anthem (itself marking a first time studio partnering between RAM and Alex M.O.R.P.H.). Further there’s audio from a processions of legends (Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Giuseppe Ottaviani to give you an idea). Heritage acts abound too - Tiësto, Hennes & Cold, Scot Project, Joy Kitikonti, to name all featuring. There’s a load more besides, with the genre’s most respected & revered (talking: Mark Sherry, Richard Durand, Simon Patterson, John Askew, PureNRG, Sean Tyas, Ferry Tayle + a host of others) bringing their studio-ware.


Mix 1 - RAM
01. Simon O'Shine - Paradise Cove (Intro Mix)
02. Solis & Sean Truby - Tell Me More
03. John Newall - New Beginning
04. Cenk Basaran & KoRay - Acid Harmony
05. RAM & Susana - Northern Star
06. South Of The Stars - Fields of Elysian
07. RAM & Susana - Someone Like You (ReOrder Remix)
08. Talla 2XLC - The World In My Eyes
09. Danny Eaton - Never Ending Dream
10. Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif - Amsterdam
11. Alan Morris & Natalia Gioia - Shade By Shade
12. Talla 2XLC - Till Tomorrow
13. Allure featuring JES - Show Me The Way (Dan Thompson Remix)
14. Dreamseekers - Titan
15. Darren Porter, RAM & Natalie Gioia - One Million Seconds
16. RAM & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Youniverse [Grotesque 350 Anthem]
17. Orla Feeney & Kriess Guyte featuring Susan McDaid - U R All U Need
18. Rene Ablaze & Tiff Lacey - Universe Undone

Mix 2 - Alex M.O.R.P.H.
01. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Mhammed El Alami - Moonrise (Grotesque 350 Edit)
02. Markus Schulz & JES - Calling For Love (DRYM Remix)
03. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Slow Emotion 2 (Sean Tyas VIP Mix)
04. Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (David Forbes Remix)
05. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Running for Peace (Instrumental Mix)
06. Misja Helsloot - Rainbow Child
07. Danny Eaton - Under The Moonlight
08. Kamaya Painters - Wasteland (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
09. Kristy Jay - Tough Luck
10. Last Soldier & MohsenIranikhah - Kush Dreams
11. Simon Patterson - Solo
12. Magnus - Voided Realms
13. Basic Dawn - Pure Trust (Ferry Tayle Remix)
14. PureNRG - Chrysalis
15. Woody van Eyden & Gil Zambrano with Cheryl Barnes - Embrace The Rainbow (Guitar Mix)
16. David Forbes presents Hal Stucker - Stars (John Askew Rework)
17. Neelix - You Can Change The World (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Grotesque 350 Mix)
18. Daniel Skyver - Temper Temper (Sean Tyas Remix)
19. Paul van Dyk featuring Plumb - Music Rescues Me

Mix 3 - Alex Di Stefano
01. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (2nd Phase Remix)
02. Iain M - Stem Cell
03. Tempo Giusto - Voodoo
04. HP Source - Keep Moving
05. Richard Tanselli - Everybody
06. Alex Di Stefano - Fast Forward
07. Maarten De Jong - Goodbye
08. Paul Denton - Invader
09. Daniel Skyver - A Bolt From The Blue
10. Scot Project & Mark Sherry - Acid Air Raid (Sam Jones Remix)
11. Evan Pearce - Genetic
12. Mark Sherry & Richard Durand - Cosmic Dawn
13. Paul Denton - Formula One
14. Alex Di Stefano - Into The Flames
15. John Askew - Midnight Oil
16. C-Systems - Sanctum
17. Vlind - F@ck Corruption
18. Smith & Brown x Sam Johnston - Get Down
19. UCast - Symptom
20. Vlind - Fallen Angel
21. Astrix - Take A Shot (Simon Patterson Remix)

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Biding his time, ReOrder hasn’t been hurried into sending his first album out there. It’s been ten years since the Slovakian studiohead began making impressions on the scene, most recently through his outings on Black Hole, FSOE, Subculture, Monster and others. It was time well stayed: a period in which he honed his craft, instinctively built out his musical range, found himself as an artist, and all the while sized up the album playing field.

Out this month, ‘IAMREADY’s statement says it all.

It’s inherent in the album medium, but you only get one shot at your first longplayer. That blank canvass, the proverbial clean sheet - the one and only chance to drop that flawless debut into the discography. Artists approach their firsts in many different ways: the eclectic, the collaborative, the headline-chasing, the all-in/bases-covered. When it comes to ReOrder’s however, he had one central mandate above all others: “deliver an album with as fewer preconceptions attached as possible”. 

“I wanted this record to be a ‘book’ impossible to assess by its cover, says Tibor. One for people to listen to, to absorb and make their own minds up on. One that carried as fewer advance notions or biases as possible. To this end (not unreasonably after ten years) the producer placed full store in his own abilities - producing the tracks, almost without exception without co-producers. When artistic alliances did come to play a part, he wanted them to be with newer names/talent, which would slalom any/all predetermination traps. 

This, he correctly determined, would give it the singular and distinctive sound you’ll now hear on ‘IAMREADY’.

Waves of chord and pad, picked out by elegantly played piano keys form ‘Reinstate’ - the beat-free intro piece, with which he cues the album. ReOrder then serves two numbers in quick succession sung by American singer/songwriter Weldon. Thus far largely only known within deep house circles, he brings both relatable edge to ‘Entropy’ & ‘Gravity’s verses, while their choruses become more metaphoric in nature. Near solo, Emma Chatt’s voice carries the first half of ‘Alive Tonight’, before it catches a swell of Tibor’s primetime synth sensibility. Meanwhile Lebanese vocalist Cassandra Grey adds her breath-stealing touch to ‘Goodbye’, finding pathos and bittersweet-ness to equalize the thrust of ReOrder’s skybound studio work.

In solo mode the Slovakian pushes further into the instrumental trance gamut. ‘Digital World’ lends a psy-ish warp to the album, while ‘Beyond Time’ and ‘All There Is’ respectively find it at its most melodic and euphorically laser-struck extents. Bringing the full extent of its scope into sharpest focus, in its final moments the album engages the chilled elegance of the Susie Ledge-sung ‘Far Away and the breaks-fuelled energy burst that is C-qnz-collab ‘Reunited’.



01. ReOrder - Reinstate
02. ReOrder & Weldon - Entropy
03. ReOrder & Emma Chat - Alive Tonight
04. ReOrder - Alone
05. ReOrder & Weldon - Gravity
06. ReOrder - Back In The Days
07. ReOrder & Cassandra Grey - Goodbye
08. ReOrder - Digital World
09. ReOrder - All Comes Back To You
10. ReOrder - Beyond Time
11. ReOrder - All There Is
12. ReOrder & Susie Ledge - Far Away
13. ReOrder & C-qnz - Reunited


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Aly & Fila announce their latest compilation which features a guestmix by none other than trance superhero John '00' Flemming.


John '00' Flemming

01. Tim Pennerc - The Guardian
02. Marc Depulse - The Swarm (Stan Kolev Remix)
03. Muhammed Felfel - Concepts of Justice (RPO Remix)
04. John 00 Fleming - Spirit Awaking
05. Basil O'Glue - Nekyia (Facade Remix)
06. Rick Pier O'Neil - Earth Mover (Gai Barone Remix)
07. John 00 Fleming - Floating
08. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Timelapse
09. Airwave - Time Is the Healer
10. The Stupid Experts - Bittersweet
11. Paul Thomas - Alpha Papa
12. Paul Thomas & K3v - Aquamarina
13. Law of Attraction - Dezza
14. The Digital Blonde - Zozy

Aly & Fila

01. Graumann - My Head
02. Stereo Underground - Flashes feat. Sealine (Gai Barone Remix)
03. Dark Matter - Shadows of Depth
04. Dylhen - Apogee
05. Aly & Fila & Ferry Corsten - Camellia (Aly & Fila vs. Ferry Corsten) [Dmitry Molosh Remix]
06. Aly & Fila & Ana Criado - All Heaven (Farid Remix)
07. Aly & Fila - Sunrise At Cala Bassa (Ferry Tayle Remix)
08. Andy Moor & Alex Ryan - Reflection
09. James Dymond - Black Mirror
10. Stoneface & Terminal - Berlin 2000
11. Paul Denton - Invader
12. Aly & Fila - A World Beyond (FSOE 550 Anthem) [with Philippe el Sisi & Omar Sherif]
13. Liam Wilson - Feel Your Dream
14. Madwave & Exouler - Miracle
15. A & Z - Mesmerized
16. Paul Denton - Test of Time
17. Hazem Beltagui - Back Home (feat. Adara) [Fady & Mina vs Omar Sherif Remix]
18. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis - Hold Your Head Up High (Aly & Fila Remix)
19. Aly & Fila - Concorde(with Ferry Tayle) [Cold Blue Remix]

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Pre-orders of both physical and digital releases can be purchased below.



OK, we lied a little bit as it all happened a little quickly....but.....

Crystal Clouds is now running a new server with better hardware and smaller invoices each month - thanks to our provider Leaseweb.

Hopefully everything is running nicely - but if you have any issues please head over to the contact us page here: https://www.crystalclouds.com/contact-us/


The team at Crystal Clouds needs your help once more!

We have been exercising various changes to try and reduce the cost of running the dedicated web server for Crystal Clouds, however due to inflation, the poor market rate of the USD against the EURO and our target not being reached for a few months now - we are down to our last months (July) worth of funding. This in effect has undone the great work done by all in November/December last year.

We reach out to all members who can afford to help us keep the project online by donating what they can, but in the same sentence entirely respect the massive effort already undertaken by some users who already donate regularly.

We are in discussions with the server hosts (Leaseweb.nl) to look at cheaper options, or if there are possibilities to move elsewhere - but we are trying to do this with minimal impact on the website itself.

Update 18th June

Thank you to everybody who has donated in reaction to this post!

We've raised $325 this month so far which secures the next couple of months for Crystal Clouds and allows us to have a bit of peace of mind financially.

Please note that there were a few anonymous donations, which can't be attributed to any user accounts at present. If you are missing from the list - please use the contact us page to let us know (or even reply below if you'd prefer)!


Kenji Sekiguchi and Nhato celebrated the 100th episode of "Otographic Arts" this week with an XXL event featuring DJs such as:

Dominant Space
Kenji Sekiguchi
Kyohei Akagawa

Crystal Clouds has all sets available for download now, so head on over to the Otographic Arts archive for amazing music:


Don't forget that you can catch Otographic Arts live every 1st Tuesday of the month on YouTube and ETN.FM.

For more information please visit their homepage:






Crystal Clouds is pleased to announce the addition of a second Psy Trance DJ to the website!


"Without life there would be no music, without music there would be no life."

These are the words of the Swedish psytrance DJ "Electrovibes".

In 2008 Gustav Holmberg got his first mixing program on his computer and from that day on he was hooked.

Starting with minimal techno and progressive trance he soon started to understand the music, feeling the energy and gradually developed mixing skills.

In 2010 Gustav got his first DJ-controller - at which point there was nothing holding him back.

In the last couple of years Gustav started mixing psytrance and fullon and that was when he finally found his true calling.

As the days go by, Gustav continues to develop his mixing skills more and more, making every mix more alive and interesting.

"Every song has its own message and purpose, and it's up to me to deliver that to the audience."

In his DJ sets, Gustav takes the audience on a Psychedelic Journey where there are no limits or boundaries.

And of course Gustav is planning on starting producing his own music, influenced by Artists such as Outsiders, Electric Universe, Tristan, Mad Tribe etc.

"There is no better way to share your Love than doing it through music."

Read more here: https://www.crystalclouds.com/djs/electrovibes/