Mark White - Moorea

Opening up his Alter Ego Records account we have the very able Spanish, Mark White who provides us with a dazzling debut track, Moorea! Jaw-droppingly good stuff with a tale of two halves as Mark takes us through an intense club workout and unleashes a charming guitar led breakdown for release 187! On remix duties we have Alter Ego hot shot, Orbion who turns in a beautifully crafted version of his own!

The Original Mix packs an almighty sonic slap, with a somewhat subdued intro fooling and teasing until the track takes off! A breakdown of pure beauty and poignance, with a balearic fused guitar line and angelic atmospherics which springs back into the climax with great force! This one will definitely leave a smile painted on your face.

Orbion takes Moorea down a peg into more edgy progressive zones! Utilizing a fiery yet smooth pluck throughout giving the track real character! Borrowing the melodic prints from the Original and with a whip of his wand magics up a real masterpiece which ignites during the breakdown with some truly emotive melodic lines! Don't miss this one!


Artists: ,
Record Label:
Catalog Number: AE187
Release Date: 2015-06-15


01. Mark White - Moorea (Original Mix)
02. Mark White - Moorea (Orbion Remix)


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